Patricia Binder Throneburg, J.D.

The teaching faculty of ACES is exceptionally well prepared to work with students in the various areas, math and verbal, of the SAT and ACT tests. For instance, each specific subdivision of the tests, such as writing skills, or math, or reading comprehension, is taught only by faculty who are academically prepared in their college coursework and majors and minors to work in those areas. Thus our English teachers have degrees with concentrations in English and our math teachers have degrees with concentrations or extensive work in math. Moreover, one-third of our teacher have doctoral degrees, and another half have master's or master's level work. Our teachers do not work in areas for which they are not academically and professionally prepared and trained.

ACES (1985-present) is one of the oldest continuing SAT-ACT preparation organizations in the Charlotte area. We have taught thousands of students with consistent success. As an indication of the effectiveness of ACES, note the following: last year while working with about 100 students (remember we are highly individualized so that we do not have great numbers of students), we prepared twelve who achieved perfect 800 critical reading scores, thirteen with 800 writing scores, and ten with 800 math scores. In addition, fifteen of our students were recognized with National merit consideration, four were Morehead-McCain scholarship winners, and another four were candidates for Jefferson (U. of Virginia), Parks (NC State), and Duke scholarship competitions nominated by their high schools, based on their performance in many areas, including SAT. Clearly, we at ACES help our students achieve at the highest levels of their capabilities. Moreover, no matter where our students begin in their progress toward their goals of competitive scores, the majority make marked improvements. Nearly all of our students were admitted to their first or second choice of colleges.