Endorsements for ACES

May 2012
Nancy Paschall, whose oldest daughter is a Morehead Scholar at UNC, and the whose younger daughter is a Parks Scholar at NC State:

Thank you so much for the wonderful tutoring and guidance you rendered to both Laura and Anna as they prepared for the college admission process. You were always positive and encouraging during the sessions. Your “test-taking tips” were invaluable, and having assignments to keep the girls on pace helped tremendously. If you were not the “expert” in a certain subject, you always gave great referrals. Without your help, I am sure they would not have landed the Morehead-Cain and Park Scholarships.

May 2012
Mrs. M:

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping my son improve so drastically on the crital reading portion of his SAT test. I just looked at his scores and they are are follows: CR 650 up from 530, Math 720 up from 650 and writing 640 up from 540. He has a 1370 to submit to schools with an overall score of 2010. We are so proud of him and the work he did with you.

November 2011
Margart Melando

I wanted to tell you about David’s ACT test scores. On the second go-around, David’s scores went from 19 (composite) to 22 (composite)! Thank you so much for all you have done for him!

Thanks also for getting my husband Rick fired up to be David’s college coach. It’s made a huge difference to our family.

June 2012
LeeAnn Harris

We just wanted to let you know Will got his SAT scores and they were GREAT. His score improved 260 points after working with you. Thank you so much for helping Will.  We are excited about the college search process. We will keep you posted. Thanks again!  

Cindy Black, mother of two:

July 2010
You may remember helping my daughter Elizabeth last summer. Well, she has graduated and will be attending UNC Chapel Hill in the fall in their Honors Program. Thank you for all your help and contributions to her success.

May 2012
Just wanted to let you know that James will be attending Univ. of Pennsylvania-Wharton in the fall. He was also accepted at Duke, Univ. of Virginia, UNC Chapel Hill, Wake, and Georgia Tech. Thanks so much for all of your help in making this possible.

Erskine Bowles, father of three ACES students:

"Each of my children has been able to perform at the highest levels in high school and college as a result of their ... instruction from Dr. Kasparek.... He literally worked with each of my children, helping them to develop the kind of self-confidence and expectation of success that I believe helped bring out in each of them better performance than even they believed they were capable of.... I am deeply grateful that my children and my family have been fortunate enough to have their lives touched at such an important time by Jerry L. Kasparek."

Kelly Walton, Morehead Scholar and ACES student:

"I can't thank you enough, Dr. Kasparek. You are the most influential teacher I've had...."

Dr. and Mrs. Jared N. Schwartz:

"Sarah took an SAT review course from Dr. Kasparek .... Again, she looked forward to their sessions and increased her SAT scores significantly. Dr. Kasparek knew exactly what her verbal weaknesses were and was able to concentrate on these areas.... Dr. Kasparek, like all good teachers, knew exactly how to reach each of (our daughters) so that they would strive for their personal best. He was a very positive influence in their lives and he is a very special teacher."

Rose Ellen Jacobsohn, mother of two ACES students:

"After Michael took an SAT tutorial from Dr. Kasparek, he achieved a score of 1500 (with a perfect 800 on the verbal). Dr. Kasparek has inspired my son to set high goals for himself and has taught him the skills he needs to achieve those goals. My son is a successful student because Dr. Kasparek is a successful teacher. Dr. Kasparek's efforts have had an impact on my son which will last a lifetime ...."

Gerald W. Peer:

"Jerry Kasparek has taught Jordan ... and tutored her independently for college entrance .... He spoke to us of positive SAT improvement and Jordan has made significant gains."

Mary Whitney, mother of two ACES students:

"(The lessons were) very much worth it; they helped to improve (their) SAT scores greatly."

Marc Oken, father of two ACES students:

"I wanted to thank you for the help you provided in the process which resulted in her successful admission to Harvard University.... Certainly the work you did with our daughter was a critical part of her ability to achieve an 800 score on the (Critical Reading part of the) exam."

William R. Culp, Jr., father of two ACES students:

"I wanted to know how pleased we have been with your SAT preparation coaching. We are delighted with the results achieved by our son. You provide a very personal service and Reid enjoyed the time that he spent with you. We are planning to send our younger son to you also." Which he did, and again with great success.

Stephen and Beverly Hope, parents of three successful ACES students:

"(T)here is no doubt that (Dr. K's) help was critical to (our daughters') ability to maximize their results on the SAT. He has a wonderful style of working with students that the students and their parents appreciate. (He) customized his instruction to their individual needs. He also made their sessions enjoyable so that they were never reluctant to attend. We have the highest praise for Doc and his program."

Debra Foster and Mike Jaffa, parents of two ACES students:

"Frustrated with the failure of his scores to reflect what we believed to be both (our son's) potential and his ability, we were fortunate to engage the help of Dr. Kasparek. Under this gentleman's patient tutelage, Brooks' performance at school improved and his confidence in his capabilities was enhanced, unexpected, but delightful consequences of time well spent with Dr. Kasparek. Brooks looked forward to his sessions, reveling in Dr. Kasparek's wonderful sense of humor and intuitive ability to relate to his teenage students. We were so pleased with our experience ... that our daughter ... is beginning her sessions with this fine teacher and his associates."

The son is now in law school and the daughter is an upper classman at Virginia Tech.

James L. Moore:

"Sue and I want to thank you for the transformation you helped bring about by seeing (our daughter's) potential, inspiring her to see it and then going out on a limb for her. You convinced (her) she could perform with the best. Thanks for being a fabulous teacher.... You inspired our child to reach deeper and higher!"

John and Margaret Miller:

"Dr. Kasparek's students are invariably better prepared for study at a higher level and frequently are motivated to learn for the right reasons. We believe that in the case of both of our sons, Dr. Kasparek made the greatest contribution to their educational advancement and maturation during their secondary school experience."

Toni Oxford:

"Wow! I just wanted to share with you Kristin's scores. What an improvement! .... Again, thank you so much for all you've done. Whatever you are doing, continue it ... it is working!!!!"