Outline of SAT/PSAT Program

The college entrance examinations, such as SAT and ACT are knowledge-based problem-solving tests. To do well on such tests, the student needs to have a solid body of knowledge in the liberal arts (sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, and math), as well as skills in problem solving. Our programs prepare students for these tests by demonstrating the approaches of the test makers and the methods of problem solving necessary for successful achievements on these tests.

Our offerings will vary considerably according to the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of each individual student, as we work with students with widely ranging capabilities and scores when they begin our program.

A generalized program for our students will be in the following ranges:

An initial test for diagnostic purposes will be expected of most students, although anyone who has taken one or two SAT tests that are Question-and-Answer tests and one or more PSAT tests will be able to substitute those for our diagnostic test;

Critical Reading

2-4 sessions of sentence completions (which are a component in the critical reading section); and 4-8 sessions of reading comprehension passages;

Writing Skills

3-7 sessions of writing skills (including both essay refinement and grammar principles);


2-10 sessions of math skills (including review of the principles of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry);

Review before tests

2-3 review sessions in the two weeks before the tests, at which times we review all of the topics treated earlier.

This would, of course, be determined by and modified according to the strengths and weaknesses and resolve in completing assignments of the individual student, so that a student will see us fewer sessions when especially strong or more sessions when markedly deficient in some area of knowledge and skill.

In general, we see students somewhere between 15 and 24 sessions, with 20 being the average.

In addition, we shall always be available to review the progress of students after they have taken any test and to provide further work and advice to enhance the students' understandings and skills before the next tests. Many students find it wise and necessary to take several tests - and we counsel your student regularly on such matters.

Also, remember, we give your student homework each time he/she sees us at a teaching session. If the homework is completed regularly and with determination, it expedites our progress. If not, then we are slowed markedly in our progress - and the result is an increase in the concomitant cost. The willingness and determination of the individual student to be invested and engaged in our activities will ultimately result in benefits for all concerned.

When we prepare the student for the SAT, we are also preparing the student for the PSAT, which is a similar test in most of its aspects, except there is no essay.